Nokia X20 and X10 to Get Android 13 Upgrades

Nokia delivered the X10 and X20 low-end cell phones in mid-2022 and presently both are getting the most recent Android 13 update additionally containing the November 2022 security fix. The update is by all accounts continuous, so not all markets are moving it immediately and you could need to stand by a bit.

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The Nokia X10’s new firmware update is V3.270, while the X20’s is V3.360. The changelog is not extremely large, yet it focuses to one of the most prominent Android 13 upgrades. The update is 2.34GB large and on the off chance that the update isn’t accessible in your district, you could need to stand by several days.

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Theme support, particularly for icons, notifications authorizations for each new application you introduce, new media controls in the notification shade thus called Photo Picker are a portion of the new things that Android 13 brings. The last option permits you to share certain photographs with an application as opposed to giving admittance to your whole gallery.

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