Google Might Force Android 10 to Nearly All Smartphones in 2020

Now-a-days even if Android is updating each year, still there are people who still use Android 4 (KitKat) version series mobile phones. To end this Google will take another step by ending this issue and forcing manufacturing companies to use Android 10 on all smartphones which will be launched in February 2020.

Samsung Galaxy S11 coming with a Periscope Camera having 5x Optical Zoom in February 2020

Samsung Galaxy S10 got a big hit in the mobile industry in 2019, but Korean tech gurus are already set to launch the Samsung Galaxy S11 in February 2020. The launch venue is in San Francisco.

Huawei Mobile Phones Will No Longer Have Access to Install Google Apps

Huawei’s new phone Mate 30 will have no access to download or install any kind of Google’s app. John Wu published a blog on Tuesday which says, the users still download Google apps manually, despite the fact that US blacklisting forbids the Chinese company from utilizing American software and components.

Xiaomi MI Band 4 Updated with Feature to Change the Screen on Time

Xiaomi MI Band 4 is the most commonly used accessory among the tech lovers. Now matter what the price of mobile phone is, this band will cost only in between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000, depending upon the seller. It is the perfect monitor for your daily notifications.

WhatsApp will Introduce Message Disappearing Feature

WhatsApp is a messenger that used by billions around the globe. And it is updating more regularly as compared to other commonly used applications. Facebook now owns this application and since then WhatsApp has been getting continuous updates.

List of Countries and Apps Which Will Support Google Pixel 4 Motion Sensor

Google Pixel 4 will be launched on 14th October in this year. It will also feature the motion sensor which will allow the user to control the devices without even touching it which can only happen because of the Soli Radar sensor. This sensor is embedded in the top screen bezel.

Samsung to Stop Mobile Phone Production in China

Samsung will stop its mobile phone production in China as said on last Wednesday because of intensifying competition by domestic rivals in the biggest smartphone market worldwide.