Top 7 Best Buy Smartphones of November 2019

Here we have listed the best 7 pocket friendly smartphones that are coming in November 2019. Some of these smartphones are launched last month but any news is good news.

Samsung and Vivo to Launch 5G Supportive Phone This Coming Week

The South Korean tech giant Samsung and the Chinese phone makers Vivo are coming at the same page to host a mega event and conference for Samsung and Vivo 5G Artificial Intelligence processor chip.

Hackers Claim that ANY Smartphone Fingerprint Feature can be Cracked in 20 Minutes

Chinese hackers made a statement in which they affirmatively said, ‘‘they are able to beat any fingerprint scanner in just 20 minutes’’.

Best Mobile Phone Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 10

We have shortlisted 5 of the best cover cases which fit, suite and most importantly they are cost effective.

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G Makes it to China

5G technology has still yet to make its way in the market worldwide. Although, this technology is expensive but the future will phones will only support 5G. 5G is already working in most cities of South Korea in September 2019 but now it has reached in China as well and soon in Pakistan.

Vivo Y11 (2019) is Making its way to Pakistan with a Beast Battery of 5000mAh

This phone is available for purchase in Vietnam and in Pakistan it will cost between 22,000 PKR to 25,000 PKR, tax included.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Latest Updates for Improved Image Quality

Samsung says that people who own Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 10 series should completely avoid the third-party protective screen because it might make the embedded fingerprint sensor vulnerable.