Now You can Watch HDR Videos on YouTube

YouTube turned out HDR option in 2016, however it was simply restricted to pre-recorded substance. Presently the organization has extended HDR backing to livestreams also, empowering "vibrant experiences in real-time".

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, offers a more extensive range for your videos and lets screens that help it show more obscure colors and more bright features. If you are a YouTuber and need to stream live in HDR.

Watchers, then again, will require updated and compatible devices to observe in HDR, similar to the YouTube application on HDR TVs, Android devices with a HDR show, Chromecast Ultra, and Windows and Mac PCs with a HDR show and HDR graphic support.

If your device doesn't uphold HDR, you won't see the HDR alternative in the video quality settings menu, yet you'll actually have the option to watch the video in SDR.