Android 11 Coming on TVs Soon

Soon after the arrival of Android 11 for cell phones, Google is presently launching Android 11 for TVs. A considerable lot of the Android 11 highlights for mobile can be found here also, alongside different usage explicitly custom-made to TVs.

Google gives a couple of instances of the inborn Android 11 highlights, for example, execution enhancements including memory the board. Protection hasn't been disregarded either as one-time permissions are continued to Android 11 for TVs. A structure for the physical receiver quiet fastens for better mix with TVs including far-field mouthpieces has been actualized.

To the extent sight and sound enhancements go, Google is bringing Auto Low Latency Mode and low idleness media disentangling. Tuner Framework with refreshed media CAS and augmentations to the HAL usage of HDMI CEC are additionally new.

Extended usefulness around dormancy prompts, wake keys and quiet boot mode for framework refreshes are on the changelog, however ostensibly one of the most significant upgrades is the more extensive help for gamepads, which is basic for anybody bought in to Google's Stadia stage.

Google says that it's working intimately with TV makers to convey the new Android 11 to customers in the next months.