Xiaomi MI Band 4 Updated with Feature to Change the Screen on Time

Xiaomi MI Band 4 is the most commonly used accessory among the tech lovers. Now matter what the price of mobile phone is, this band will cost only in between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000, depending upon the seller. It is the perfect monitor for your daily notifications.

The latest and the updated bands have a larger, colored screen and it has also introduced a new configuration which will allow the user to have more control on the band.

The latest update will allow the users to change screen on time. It can be done after you install the OTA update.

The current bands have screen on-time of 5 seconds. Whenever you touch the screen of the band to check something, after checking the band turns off after 5 seconds. But now you can change it by updating the firmware version to here you have to configure it and you can change the time to 6, 8 or 10 seconds. This will also help in saving the energy expenditure.

The latest update has featured new wallpapers which can be downloaded from the Xiaomi app.

Soon the Xiaomi MI Band 4 will be upgraded for the users who love swimming. It will be water resistant.