Samsung Galaxy Fold Rumored to be Launched This Year

This news is verified and published by World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). Samsung designed a patent with the help of Korean Intellectual Property (KIPO) for foldable smartphones in December 2018. By August 2019 KIPO’s database published almost 23 designs for it. This tab like smartphone is also said to be a multifunctional device. The screen, when folded would be bezel less. This design is called Z-Fold because you can fold the phone forward and other fold backward, which looks like a shape of Z.

When the phone is folded backwards the front screen will show half of the icons and the screen whereas the rest of the screen and the apps will be show on back side. The right side of the screen will be curvy and the top and bottom of the phone will be bezel less. The interface is automatically adjusted depending upon how the user has folded the screen. The maximum number of folds are 3 which gives 3 contemporary sizes, which means that you have a PC, a tablet and a smartphone is one device. It is also very handy.  

This smartphone will be very famous among gamers and movie lovers who wish to have full edge to edge or infinity display moreover they will experience it in different sizes of display screens. So far for rumors, there are said to be no buttons on this device. Also, in the rumored images, there seems to be no cameras in the design.

The launch of this phone is not heard in any coming years but in competition Xiaomi has already shown a concept model in MWC 2019 which is a huge challenge for Samsung and Huawei. The Xiaomi foldable will be introduced with 2 times folds only.