List of Countries and Apps Which Will Support Google Pixel 4 Motion Sensor

Google Pixel 4 will be launched on 14th October in this year. It will also feature the motion sensor which will allow the user to control the devices without even touching it which can only happen because of the Soli Radar sensor. This sensor is embedded in the top screen bezel.

But this feature is limited to specific markets. Which means this sensor will be working in some countries only.

Google Pixel 4 will use Soli Radar which is based on Project Soli. It is a kind of technology that Google got allowed to use in only specific markets worldwide including USA.

The list of countries which will support this feature was acquired by motion sense application by Nextriff, it is tech blog by some Malaysian.

Following are the list of countries which will support this sensor:

-         American Samoa

-         Austria

-         Belgium

-         Bulgaria

-         Canada

-         Croatia

-         Cyprus

-         Czechia

-         Denmark

-         Estonia

-         Finland

-         France

-         Greece

-         Guam

-         Hungary

-         Ireland

-         Italy

-         Latvia

-         Lithuania

-         Luxembourg

-         Malta

-         Netherlands

-         Norway

-         Poland

-         Portugal

-         Puerto Rico

-         Romania

-         Singapore

-         Slovakia

-         Slovenia

-         Spain

-         Sweden

-         Switzerland

-         Taiwan

-         UK

-         USA

-         Virgin Islands, USA

The list of countries will grow after the launch of Google Pixel 4. These countries are not on the list Pakistan, China, Japan, Mexico and India. Also, there no middle east country nor there is any African’s. This will include most playback apps when it comes to motion sensor which includes most commonly used music streaming applications like;

-         Amazon Music

-         Deezer

-         Google Play Music

-         iHeartRadio

-         Pandora

-         Spotify

-         Spotify Stations

-         YouTube Music

-         YouTube