Huawei Mobile Phones Will No Longer Have Access to Install Google Apps

Huawei’s new phone Mate 30 will have no access to download or install any kind of Google’s app.

John Wu published a blog on Tuesday which says, the users still download Google apps manually, despite the fact that US blacklisting forbids the Chinese company from utilizing American software and components.

This was reported by many smartphone experts that the Mate 30 Pro is made to work with 5G and they lost the clearance to manually download Android apps.

The President of the US Donald Trump blacklisted the company in May saying that the company is involved in such activities which compromises with the US national security. This was a major flagship for Huawei Mate 30 series.

John Wu wrote a number of posts which shows methods of installing Google Services on latest Huawei mobile phones which are undocumented and has specific management programming interface applications or MDM APIs.