Hackers Claim that ANY Smartphone Fingerprint Feature can be Cracked in 20 Minutes

People who know the latest Android smartphones and iPhones have been worrying about their phone’s security measures because recently some Chinese hackers made a statement in which they affirmatively said, ‘‘they are able to beat any fingerprint scanner in just 20 minutes’’.

They say that they use a software or a type of equipment which only costs up to $140. This app analyzes your fingerprint and takes its photograph. But the question is: Who are the Chinese Hackers who have cracked the fingerprints code? These hackers claim to be a part of the team of X-Lab which works on security research in a Chinese tech company; Tencent. They showed a demonstration at a conference in Shanghai named GeekPwn 2019.

And How did these hackers crack the fingerprint security? The leader of X-Lab team Chen Yu, asked random people from the audience to touch a glass or a mirror glass. As they touched, their fingerprints were on the glass and a smartphone photographed it and that photo was uploaded in the app that the hackers had developed. Of course, not all of the process was revealed to people but it was said that app used a 3D printer to make the same fingerprint. Also, the cloning was not revealed to the audience due to security measures but afterwards 3 smartphones of those people were unlocked right before them. These phones were of Samsung and iPhone. And yes, it took only 20 minutes.

People asked; How easy it would be for other smartphones to clone it? After the demonstrate Chen Yu said that the hardware costs at least $1000 in total and one app is for one phone only. So, the last question is; What measures should be taken to secure the fingerprint hacking threat? Hackers say that every time you unlock your phone with a fingerprint sensor, make sure to clean the sensor right after and change your secondary passwords from time to time. And most of all don’t keep sensitive data and files in your phone.