Facebook and Twitter have Stopped Cooperating with Govt of Pakistan on Fake News Complaints

This news is confirmed by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) that the biggest social media owners have denied cooperating on complaints of fake news on Twitter and Facebook in Pakistan which are announced through unverified accounts.

This news is confirmed by Kalsoom Parveen on Friday at a briefing at Senate’s Sub-committee on Information and Telecommunication.

This committee was called after Rubina Khalid, the chairperson of committee filed a complaint that there are rumors spreading on Facebook posts that the officials have recovered huge amount of gold from her house.

The person who spread false news was a professor of a university of Islamabad. He was brought up in front of the committee which he later retweeted that he forwarded this post as a joke and he was very regretful towards his actions.

After investigation the National Response Center for Cyber Crime (NR3C) reported to committee that the accounts which spread the news had been verified and all the legal actions were files against them.

The name of accounts which initially spread the posts were: Dua Bhutto, Khubab Ahmad and Asad Younas and from 9 other accounts. All these accounts were not verified. Further investigation showed that the account named by Khubab Ahmad shared the news on July 9th, 2019. This post was also shared by Dr. Anwar Iqbal.

Dr. Anwar Iqbal was called by FIA which he didn’t go there. But when he was called by the committee, he visited there and also apologized for his mistake. The information on other accounts are being fetched at the moment.

FIA officials stated that Facebook has not been cooperating since August 5th, 2019. Whereas, FIA used to get response from Facebook within 6 to 7 weeks. Kalsoom Parveen stated that most news on social media are fake.

There are at least 15000+ cases pending in NR3C which are waiting for responses from the social media giants. There are 15 cybercrime centers in Pakistan. And there is only 130 of staff in total which clearly makes it difficult to handle.